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5 Reasons why you should get a Photo Booth at your event:

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

1. Branding

Beers and Cheers to 40 - what a fun bunch!

With customized templates provided. Your pictures are branded. Creative templates are made according to your event.

For business - It's a great marketing touch for corporate events to add company logos, event description, and location and even have #hashtags included to elevate social media market exposure.

General - Themes can be applied to match every occasion.

2. For every occasion

Kids Cancer Care - Kindle Pursuit 2018

From birthdays to weddings, fundraisers, business mixers, or team building. At any occasion you can have people together, you have a good reason to have a photo booth.

3. Portable and Affordable

This a beast! - We love it!

Having a photo booth requires zero effort from our clients. Our open air photo booth is portable and mobile, once its set, our amazing professionals will do their thing to host your guests!

Spacing can anywhere be from 8ft by 10ft or 10ft x 10ft - which can place 10 people for a photo op.

Service Packages are available based on the event. Flex time of hourly can be arranged and OMG, all props and backdrops are included!

4. Photo sharing - Social Media updates here we come!

Real time updates! That's what everyone wants!

We have the capability to send your picture via text message or email (Yes, right away!) as soon as you take your photo! Just don't hold up the line!

This is also a great opportunity for marketing to have these photos sent by your guests in social media to increase your business exposure and provide real time event update.

5. It's just FUN! - Let loose!

So we have GIF! Don't be scared of 4 poses! It's your chance to get creative!

Let loose! Photo booths allow you to be YOU plus more! Interact with other guests, use the props as conversational, get social! Don't forget to take your before and after party picture. LOL!

Overall, it's a great way to make memories. A great idea for customized keepsakes, party favors, and professional advertising. We take sharp, professional photos, our technology doesn't leave you behind on social media updates! And having a photo booth with our professionals gives you one less thing to worry about. We ensure your guests are entertained, having fun, and memories are captured one picture at a time.

We also provide our clients copies of their pictures within 24 hours. Post and tag away!

Book your event with us and find out more!


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